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4year boy
40day old ago 

  • Alberto Padilla D tibial osteotomy and fix w/ plate or ex fix

  • Siddhartha V Paluvadi Conservative. Well remodel without doubt.

  • Ananda Regmi It is an angular malalignment needs osteotomy n plating as because angulation is towards upperpart of lower third.

  • John Rabadi No thing to do.. It will be remodeling nevermind

  • Alberto Padilla D NO, the deformity is to much to remodel is about 20°. Osteotomy and plate

  • Omar Kelany 4y ….High tendency for remodeling which already start….conservative

  • Sagar Chhetri Angular malalignment…..needs osteotomy n fixation probably plating will be good choice………..

  • Kanav Padha Should do osteotomy. Reasons-1. Ankle are not growing ends so chance or remodelling less.2.deformity not in plane of motion of joint.3. Varus less tolerated than valgus.
    Remember we do corrective osteotomy in cubitus varus ( non wt bearing joint) why not in wt bearing joint.

  • Alberto Padilla D the osteotomy must be made in CORA (center of rotation). or curve, wedge ???
  • Safooh Shoairieh Only 4 yesrs! Conservative and shoe insert to enhance remodeling.

  • Pedro Jorba I measure it to be about 15 degrees. It might indeed need an osteotomy, but personally, I would wait 4-6 months to see how much it remodels. It won’t hurt to wait a little bit, and really, it’s such a young child.
  • Deepak N Inamdar wait for an year-two at least see remodeling then plan further

  • Vishal Garg follow up X rays:: if deformity does not increase in next 2 years then it should correct itself in adolescence::::: but if it deteriorates: corrective osteotomy
  • Shyamlal Mukhi Ball Osteotomy both fibula and tibia and cast ( drill holes)

  • Anuj Agrawal The deformity, if correctly measured, is around 15-16°. I have checked the literature regarding acceptable limits of angulation in tibial fractures, and surprisingly could not find any for young children less than 5-6 years of age.
    For children less th
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  • Deepak N Inamdar am surprised that so many are suggesting osteotomy at first shot ….for a 4yr old child ???