Lesiones en el Golf


Golf injuries

Golf injuries will more often than not stem from the stress that golfers repeatedly put on their back and shoulders when swinging.
Common golf injuries include a torn rotator cuff, shoulder tendinitis and the infamous golfer’s elbow. Any of these injuries will hamper a golfer’s technique and prevent them from performing at their best.
To avoid golf injuries, it’s important that golfers get their swing technique as solid as possible. Amateur players are at increased risk of injury because their swing will often put excessive stress on either the shoulders or the arms.
Golfers must always remember to do a warm up. Just because they play a more slow paced sport, it doesn’t mean that they don’t need that extra flexibility that a long warm up can provide. Muscle strains in the shoulders and arms are much less common amongst golfers that warm up before teeing off.
A golfer should never just pull the driver out of his bag and start smacking balls hundreds of yards. Start out by using a pitching wedge and gently hitting some balls to loosen up the swing before gradually building up to the driver.
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